7 Ray Study.

What are the reasons for studying the qualities of the 7 Spiritual Rays?

You (the Real You–the spiritual You) was originally created in the image and likeness of God. When you express human qualites, such as envy, anger, hatred,selfishness, etc. the beauty of your original design is distorted.

But when God-qualities are expressed, such as love, peace, harmony, joy,etc. your energies are in alignment with truth and the beauty of the divine pattern is revealed.

In order to express God Qualities you need to make a determined effort to do so because they require cultivation.
Human qualities are the source of your bondage but divine qualities are the source of your freedom.
As you come more and more to understand the qualities of the seven rays and those who serve on them, you will come to know on the outer what you have been taught on the inner—on which ray you serve with greatest strength and that supporting ray that is complementary to it.
Thus, as a major and a minor, you have two rays of specialization, and some people have a certain mastery on each of the seven or are working toward it.

Begin studying the 1st. Ray and then the other Rays in sequence.

  • Teachings on the 1st. Ray and its qualities.
  • Teachings on the 2nd Ray and its qualities.
  • Teachings on the 3rd. Ray and its qualities.
  • Teachings on the 4th. Ray and its qualities.
  • Teachings on the 5th. Ray and its qualities.
  • Teachings on the 6th. Ray and its qualities.
  • Teachings on the 7th. Ray and its qualities.

7 Ray Mastery.

Mastery of all 7 Rays is a major stage on the Path to Christhood. 

To master the 1st. Ray:–

To master the 2nd. Ray:—

  • use the energy of the crown chakra correctly.
  • engage in on-going learning throughout your life but realise that the amassing of knowledge is not as important as making and maintaining contact with your Higher Self.
  • study and internalize spiritual teachings so you can grow spiritually and then share what you have learnt with other.
  • seek to always think right thoughts, positive thoughts, thoughts that uplift, encourage and support.
  • seek to commune with the Mind of God/ the Mind of Christ through meditation.
  • take the time to still your outer body and mind and listen in the silence, so you can receive inner direction for your life.
  • embody all the qualities of the 2nd. Ray.
  • learn to be non-attached to any mastery you may have gained on the 2nd.Ray.

To master the 3rd.Ray:–

  • learn to use the energy of the heart chakra correctly.
  • learning to love your Higher self.
  • be compassionate.
  • accept that every challenge you face in life is an opportunity for you to keep your heart open.
  • see and appreciate the spiritual beauty in yourself and others.
  • realize that it is the soft answer that turns away someone’s anger.
  • love others unconditionally.
  • strive to remove anything that is blocking the free flowing of love through your being. eg. selfishness, hardness of heart, criticism, hatred, dislike, unforgiveness.
  • embody the qualities of the 3rd.Ray.
  • be non-attached to any mastery you have gained on the 3rd.Ray.

To master the 4th.Ray:–

  • learn to use the energy of the base chakra correctly.
  • learn to be practical in your daily life and to choose only right actions.
  • learn to appreciate the Earth as a platform for your spiritual growth.
  • take care of your physical body because you know that it houses your Spiritual Self.
  • realize that you are in the world but you are not of the world.
  • be non-attached to your material possessions.
  • see the inner, spiritual essence behind all outer appearances.
  • appreciate Nature and learn her lessons and apply them to your own life.
  • respect and nurture the feminine aspect of yourself.
  • integrate all the qualities of the 4th. Ray.
  • be non-attached to any mastery you attain.

To master the 5th Ray:–

  • learn to use the energy of the third-eye chakra correctly.
  • focus your inner vision on the Divine Plan so you achieve clarity and creative insight.
  • focus your attention on the positive and constructive things you want in your life.
  • recognize that what you put your attention you, you will become.
  • honor the creative genius and insights of yourself and others.
  • strive to recognize and overcome the mind-sets of the world and see as God sees.
  • exercise your spiritual vision by seeing only the good (God) in everyone, whether they are friend or foe.
  • embody the qualities of the 5th.Ray.
  • be non-attached to any mastery you may have attained on the 5th.Ray.

To master the 6th. Ray:–

  • learn how to master the energy of the solar-plexus chakra correctly.
  • take control over your emotions and your desires.
  • cultivate inner peace, brotherhood and selfless service.
  • walk the Middle Way of balance.
  • ensure your desires are in line with your life goals.
  • set aside your own desires when necessary in order to support and serve others.
  • embody the qualities of the 6th Ray.
  • be non-attached to any mastery you attain.

To master the 7th. Ray:–

  • learn to use the energy of the soul chakra correctly.
  • useyour energy wisely, to pursue your divine plan and your spiritual goals.
  • regularly and honestly appraise how much of your identity is invested in your ego or in your Real Self.
  • tap into and freely express your creativity.
  • be able to free yourself from old habits by forgiving yourself and others.
  • embody the qualities of the 7th.Ray.
  • be non-attached to any mastery you attain.
  • learn how to be spiritually self-sufficient—to rely on your own inner direction–based on your connection to the Kingdom of God within you.


4th. Ray Life Path.

If you are drawn to being an Architect , Designer, Planner or you seek to express perfection and excellence in what you do, then you may be on the 4th. Ray Life Path.

This will entail:—

— pursuing the discipline of mastering your sacred labor.

—striving to perfect your art, skill, or profession.

—striving for purity in body, soul and mind.

—learning to first build your own life correctly.

—learning to do well because God is thereby glorified.

—asking yourself—Is what I wish to produce harmful to others or the environment? Is my motivation greed or is my motivation service for love of humanity?

If following the career of Architect:—

—strive to create designs that will expose people to Nature, and Light.

—strive to include globes and cylinders and circular shapes and not the usual rectangles and squares.

—strive to open up your designs so that people will not feel claustrophobic.

Developing your Self-Discipline.

For the purposes of self-discipline:–

—select one quality or virtue of God.

—study it and think about it daily.

—make yourself a living master of that quality or virtue.

—balance that quality or virtue with the threefold flame of Power, Wisdom and Love.

Power is your ability to use your free will, your determination and creative faculties.

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge correctly, according to God’s Laws and God’s Will.

Love is the emotion which needs to be your guiding force.

Therefore you can use your determination to think about and study a Godly quality or virtue.

You can use what you learn and apply it in your own life.

You can do this because you wish to express your love to God by cultivating His character and by becoming an example to others.

True Religion.

True Religion is based on the sevenfold principle of the 7 Rays.

!st. Ray–when the enjoyment of the senses no longer fulfills you, you start to seek the will of God.

2nd.Ray—then you need to learn about the Law of Cause and Effect and how to deal with God’s energy. You also need to understand Hierarchy and your place in God’s plan.

3rd.Ray—you then understand the importance of sharing what you have learnt with others, showing tolerance, understanding and a deep interest in their spiritual growth and welfare.

4th.Ray—you then recognize that truth, beauty, harmony and perfection are God-ordained as part of your religion. And you begin to purify your own consciousness, your thoughts, feelings, words and actions so that you can be a good example to others.

5th.Ray—you also understand the mathematical accuracy that lies within creation.

6th.Ray—you begin to give thanksgiving and devotion to God for the gifts of life you have received.

7th.Ray—you accept that all that you have comes from your Source, God and you realize it is your responsibility to use all in service to God and others.

When you have understood and embraced these 7 principles you will have a true understanding of religion.

Balance Power with Joy.

Your personal power is derived from the use of your free will and the use of your creative faculties, the ability to think, feel, speak and act.

You can use these abilities to choose and express joy in your life by understanding the enemies to joy and striving to overcome them.

These enemies are sorrow and grief; self-sympathy, self-pity, self-condemnation; continually criticizing and complaining;a feeling of worthlessness; over self-concern.

You can learn to express joy in your life:–

  • by meditating on God and spiritual truths.
  • by cultivating an appreciation for life.
  • by not taking things for granted.
  • by monitoring your feelings and if you lose your joy, take the time to find our why  and seek to resolve it.
  • by learning to accept your life as it is now.
  • by being aware of the things you cannot change and learning to live with them.
  • by taking responsibility for those things you can and should change.
  • by learning to forgive everyone for everything
  • by seeking to find fulfillment in the expression of your divine plan.
  • by using the violet flame to transmute all negative karma.
  • by accepting that joy is the key to your strength and healing.
  • by finding joy in self, in Nature, in daily opportunities, in music, in art, in service and even in the process of purifying your human self.