The 7 Spiritual Rays.

There are 7 major Spiritual Rays which represent 7 distinct paths of Christhood.

One of these paths is best suited to your soul personality and inner calling.

It is up to you to define in your own life and world the path that you will follow as you seek reunion with God.

The 7 Rays teach us the  major qualities of the Universal Christ, qualities which the serious spiritual student needs to embrace.

Each ray expresses unique qualities of the Christ consciousness symbolized by its colour.

!st.Ray of God Power and Will  is known as the blue ray.

2nd.Ray of God Wisdom and Balance  is known as the yellow ray.

3rd.Ray of God Love and Selfless Giving  is known as the pink ray.

4th.Ray of God Purity and Oneness with Higher Purpose and Law is known as the white ray.

5th.Ray of God Truth, Healing and restoring all to the Immaculate Concept is known as the green ray.

6th.Ray of God Peace, Ministration and Selfless Creativity is known as the purple and gold ray.

7th.Ray of God Freedom and Independence is known as the violet ray.

Understanding and expressing the qualities of these rays will enable you to master each of the rays.

Mastering each of the 7 Rays is a major stage of the path to Personal Christhood.  

You need to discover which is your major Ray.   

When studying the rays, start first with the 1st. Ray and then proceed through the 6 other rays.

Once you have understood and integrated all the qualities of the 7 rays, you will begin to master the 7 rays.

Then you can move on to the understanding and initiations of the 8th. Ray of Integration.

The teaching of this ray enables you to see that the 7 rays are in fact not separate rays.

They are intertwined.

Thus, as you master each ray , you can then learn to balance each ray with the qualities of each of the other 6 rays.

eg. The 1st. Ray of God’s Will needs to be balanced with Wisdom (2nd.Ray ), Love (3rd.Ray), Purity (4th. Ray),  Vision ( 5th.Ray ), Service (6th.Ray), and Freedom ( 7th. Ray).

7 Ray Mastery.

7 Ray Integration.

7 Ray Study.