7 Ray Mastery.

Mastery of all 7 Rays is a major stage on the Path to Christhood. 

Master the 1st. Ray by :–

—using the energy of the throat chakra correctly through the power of the spoken word.

—stop misusing power in your life.

—not being indifferent to the needs of others.

—not putting  the wants of your ego before the Will of God.

—not doubting God, or His laws, or His unconditional love for you.

—not refusing to protect yourself and your loved ones or abdicating your responsibility to those in your care.

—avoiding being stubborn and willful.

—giving up the attitude of criticism and condemnation of yourself and others.

—embodying all the qualities of the 1st.Ray.

—being non-attached to any mastery you may have gained on the 1st.Ray.


Master the 2nd. Ray by:–

—using the energy of the crown chakra correctly.

—engaging in on-going learning throughout your life but by realising that the amassing of knowledge is not as important as making and maintaining contact with your Higher Self.

—studying and internalizing spiritual teachings so you can grow spiritually and then share what you have learnt with other.

—seeking to always think right thoughts, positive thoughts, thoughts that uplift, encourage and support.

—seeking to commune with the Mind of God/ the Mind of Christ through meditation.

—taking the time to still your outer body and mind and listen in the silence, so you can receive inner direction for your life.

—embodying all the qualities of the 2nd. Ray.

—learning to be non-attached to any mastery you may have gained on the 2nd.Ray.


Master the 3rd.Ray by :–

—learning to use the energy of the heart chakra correctly.

—learning to love your Higher self.

—being compassionate.

—accepting that every challenge you face in life is an opportunity for you to keep your heart open.

—seeing and appreciating the spiritual beauty in yourself and others.

—realizing that it is the soft answer that turns away someone’s anger.

—loving others unconditionally.

—removing the blocks to the free flow of love through your being. eg. selfishness, hardness of heart, criticism, hatred, dislike, unforgiveness.

—embodying the qualities of the 3rd.Ray.

—being non-attached to any mastery you have gained on the 3rd.Ray.

To master  the energies of the heart chakra you need to know what can  block God’s love flowing in you and through you
—-ego-centredness and selfishness—- overcome this block by learning about the ego /learning about ego-games/being determined to overcome the ego’s control over you.

—-illusions / incorrect beliefs you hold about yourself / God/ and the world in which you live—-overcome these blocks by discovering the illusions that are holding your back from expressing who you really are.

—-negative energy / karma, which returns to you in cycles and which cause suffering and limitation—overcome this block by daily transmuting this negative energy through the giving of Violet Flame decrees and rosaries.

—- feelings of blame, guilt and unworthiness—overcome these blocks by discovering and accepting that God loves you unconditionally, no matter what you have done.


Master the 4th.Ray by:–

—learning to use the energy of the base chakra correctly.

—being practical in your daily life and choosing right actions.

—appreciating the Earth as a platform for your spiritual growth.

—taking care of your physical body because you know that it houses your Spiritual Self.

—realizing that you are in the world but you are not of the world.

—being non-attached to your material possessions.

—seeing the inner, spiritual essence behind all outer appearances.

—appreciating Nature and learning her lessons and applying them to your own life.

—respecting and nurturing the feminine aspect of yourself.

—integrating all the qualities of the 4th. Ray.

—being non-attached to any mastery you attain.


Master the 5th Ray by :–

—learning to use the energy of the third-eye chakra correctly.

—focusing your inner vision on the Divine Plan so you achieve clarity and creative insight.

—focusing on the positive and constructive things you want in your life.

—honoring the creative genius and insights of yourself and others.

—recognizing that what you put your attention you, you will become.

—striving to recognize and overcome the mind-sets of the world and see as God sees.

—exercising your spiritual vision by seeing the good (God) in everyone, whether they are friend or foe.

—embodying the qualities of the 5th.Ray.

—being non-attached to any mastery you may have attained on the 5th.Ray.


Master the 6th. Ray by:–

—learning how to master the energy of the solar-plexus chakra correctly.

—taking control over your emotions and your desires.

—cultivating inner peace, brotherhood and selfless service.

—walking the Middle Way of balance.

—ensuring your desires are in line with your life goals.

—setting aside your own desires when necessary in order to support and serve others.

—embodying the qualities of the 6th Ray.

—being non-attached to any mastery you attain.


Master the 7th. Ray by:–

—learning to use the energy of the soul chakra correctly.

—using your energy wisely, to pursue your divine plan and your spiritual goals.

—regularly and honestly appraising how much of your identity is invested in your ego or in your Real Self.

—tapping into and freely express your creativity.

—being able to free yourself from old habits by forgiving yourself and others.

—embodying the qualities of the 7th.Ray.

—being non-attached to any mastery you attain.

—learning how to be spiritually self-sufficient—to rely on your own inner direction–based on your connection to the Kingdom of God within you.